In 2000, the Ripon and Leeds Diocese of the Church of England undertook an audit, which identified the Beckhill and Miles Hill estates, together with some other Meanwood estates, as areas where churches had little impact.
Stainbeck United Reformed Church and St. Matthew’s, Chapel Allerton, already had a good history of ecumenical work. When they joined with Holy Trinity, Meanwood, the seeds of the Three Churches Project were sown.
Gradually the project began to take shape and the use of creative arts became central to it.  The vision was to create opportunities to learn, try and experience different things - art, music, drama, writing, cooking, gardening etc, and in this way for members of the Churches and local communities to meet together on a level playing field.
On 21st September 2005, the project was officially launched, following the appointment of a full time worker in July of that year.
The Three Churches Project became part of a wider regeneration strategy in North East Leeds, working alongside Council agencies, community groups, local residents and schools, with a desire to see real, grass-roots transformation of the area and lives changed.

As the strategy developed we found we were no longer three churches but are a partnership of members across the Christian community in Meanwood and also Chapel Allerton, working, as ever, alongside others for transformation in the locality. In response to this, our new name, InterACT better reflects what we have always been and hope it will launch us into a new and exciting season of working together.

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There are always many different things that we can pray about, in our community of Meanwood; below are a few prayer suggestions to help guide our prayers for InterACT.

Give thanks for the recent team of young people that came to serve our community. They served with such enthusiasm, even whilst litter picking in the hail! Please give thanks for Play and Learn and for the growing numbers of under fives and parents and carers joining in the fun. Pray for the management team as they discuss plans for the summer holidays.